Drones for Good

Drones in Action

We believe that the best way to show the world how drones can be used for good is through action. We organize Drone Adventures throughout the world, putting together the people that know drones best with the people that need them the most. The data that is collected is then released to local communities on open-source platforms so that the mission’s effect can be felt for years to come. In this way we hope to educate the largest possible audience on how drone technology can positively impact our everyday lives.

Let our Drones Help you !

You’re a biologist, an archeologist, an aid worker, a forest ranger. You’re curious about how drones can help you do your job faster, better, cheaper, so that you can focus on what matters: helping the people and the environment around you.


The key to every Drone Adventure is to have you, the application expert, tell us what data you need. Get in touch with us if your work coincides with our three main goals.

Protecting our planet


Wildlife protection

Ecosystem and land management

Preserving our culture


Sustainable tourism



Helping our people

Humanitarian aid

Development, urban planning

Risk evaluation

Disaster management, Search and Rescue

Experiences with application experts

  • International Organization for Migration (OIM) – Drone Adventure in Haiti
  • OpenStreetMap – Drone Adventure in Haiti
  • University of Tokyo – Fukushima - a Drone's Eye View
  • Medair – Mapping the Philippines After Taiphoon Haiyan
  • New York University (NYU) – Aircheology in Turkey
  • Save our Seas Foundation – Mapping the St.-Joseph atoll / Drones for Sharks !
  • London University (UCL) – Lima, Peru


We are Drone Adventures

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                                              Supporters and Donations

                                              Drone Adventures is a non-profit association able to conduct missions thanks to the donations of individual supporters and project partners. We’d like to thank our current supporters, without whom this adventure would not be possible.