"In February 2014, Drone Adventures teamed up with the University of London (UCL) for the mapping of two disadvantaged neighborhoods in Lima, Peru. The first is Barrios Altos, in the old city centre, and the second is José Carlos Mariátegui, in the outskirts of the city."

More about this project in the following book:

Participatory Mapping to Disrupt Unjust Urban Trajectories in Lima,
Geospatial Technology - Environmental and Social Applications, Dr. Pasquale Imperatore (Ed.)
InTech, DOI: 10.5772/64303.
Rita Lambert and Adriana Allen (2016).
Read chapter online or Download PDF (42 Mo)

José Carlos Mariátegui

Resulting map of José Carlos Mariátegui:

Video of the point cloud of the José Carlos Mariátegui neighborhood in Lima, acquired by our drones:

Gallery of the mapping of José Carlos Mariátegui:

Barrios Altos

The resulting map of Barrios Altos, in the city centre:

Gallery of the mapping of Barrios Altos:

Mission statistics

Number of drones
Number of flights
Number of photos taken
Average mapping resolution (cm/px)
José Carlos Mariátegui area (sq.km)
Barrios Altos area (sq.km)